What Our Family Provides

Here at A Star Movers, we believe in the value and importance of family. We are family owned and operated and respect and courtesy are our top priority. We treat each and every customer as if they are a part of our family and our family will do all we can to ensure that your family is satisfied with your experience.

Our moving specialists will make sure each item is quilt-pad wrapped, shrink-wrapped, and secured properly in the truck for safe transport to your new home. Then when we arrive, your moving crew will take the time to reassemble your items and place them all exactly where you need them to go. Our experts can even provide professional packing services, which will save you valuable time, save you hours of hassle, and allow you take care of more important things like spending time with your family!

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Everything With Care

Sculptures, artwork, grandfather clocks, heirlooms, china and glassware, you name it. No matter how special or fragile, our movers can take care of it. The key to protecting your belongings is proper packing, and we have the professional experience necessary to get the job done right for your peace of mind.

Smooth The Transition

We want you to be comfortable as you settle into your new home. That’s why our men will go the extra mile! We’ll unpack, reassemble, and place each item for you—exactly where you need them to go. Our men will lay down rugs, hang drapes, and anything else we can do, whatever it takes to make your move pleasant!

Secure & Neat as a Pin

Climate controlled storage facilities are secure, clean and a great solution for you if you’re in transition from one home to another. Your belongings are tagged, inventoried, padded and loaded into any storage facility you choose to store all of your belongings until you’re ready for them in your new home.